Introducing… “The MOOSE”

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Introducing… “The MOOSE”

Our first year at the EPIC Canadian Run for Canada, in 2013, we introduced a 5K and 10K, running simultaneously.

In 2014, we split out the two runs, with the 5K start exactly 90 minutes after the 10K, creating an event we called the EPIC “Double-In-A-Day”, a new challenge in Eastern Canada, and one that runners embraced.  It was also in 2014 that we introduced the first “It’s Not Easy” medal – specifically for those that tackled the challenge of two runs in a single day!

In 2016?  We expanded our run program again with the introduction of a second day, and the EPIC Half & Quarter Marathons.  This led to a new challenge – the EPIC Triple, and all the bragging rights that accompanied completing three race distances in two days.

Well, now we are in 2017, the fifth year of the EPIC Canadian Run for Canada, and celebrating Canada 150. How better to recognize our country’s Sesquicentennial than to step it up a notch, by adding an extra day, and an extra distance?

So for 2017, THREE Days, FOUR Races, and FIVE Run Distances – everything from a 5K Walk around the Lake, to the 3-Day, 4-Race, 42.2K EPIC Marathon!

And for those running at least one run distance each day for the three day EPIC Weekend? Very special recognition…

It’s called “The MOOSE”.

Completing three runs forms the Mini-Moose: from the 21.7K Mini-Moose (6.1K+5K+the EPIC Quarter Marathon), to the 37.2K Mini-Moose (6.1K+10K+the EPIC Half Marathon).

Finishing all four runs provides two options to achieve the Bull Moose: the 31.7K (6.1K+10K+5K+the EPIC Quarter Marathon), and our 3-Day, 42.2K Marathon (6.1K+10K+5K+the EPIC Half Marathon).


How will YOU commemorate the largest Canadian Anniversary of your Active Life?

If you are a runner that celebrates each weekends with a long run, and long weekends with a longer run, join us to celebrate the biggest long weekend of our lives with the challenge of The Moose!


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