2017 Medals – Our Spectacular Canada 150 Bling!

/2017 Medals – Our Spectacular Canada 150 Bling!
2017 Medals – Our Spectacular Canada 150 Bling! 2017-03-23T22:04:57+00:00

We are excited to share our 2017 EPIC Canadian medals!   As the largest multi-run event in the East (three days, with the possibility of as many as four races, and five distances), celebrating the once-in-a-lifetime anniversary of Canada150 – we knew our 2017 medals were super significant, and needed to be, well, EPIC.

Each individual medal has to stand on it’s own, yet with many runners signing up for combinations of two, three, and four distances, the medals also need to work together, since those runners will receive three, four, or even five medals from this single weekend!

The ribbons:

Each medal, and the sublimated ribbon, is uniquely designed for that race.  Yet, if you look closely, you’ll see an underlying pattern in each of the ribbons and medals that ties them all together.  We created this pattern using the ‘outline’ of the Canada 150 logo:

Each custom ribbon has the event name and year, and is emblazoned with multiple, full-colour, Canada 150 logos.  For the 5th, “It’s Not Easy” medal (received by all those that complete two or more distances over the EPIC weekend), we have added the designation ‘EPIC Finisher’ on the ribbon.

Friday Night, June 30th:

EPIC@Night, 6.1K

Those of you who have had the pleasure of seeing our EPIC Fireworks displays over Lake Banook to close the EPIC weekend in previous years, will immediately recognize the theme for our new Friday night run, and have a hint at what is in store for 2017!  Yes, the EPIC Fireworks are moving to Friday night, immediately following the music live stage on the Great Lawn at Graham’s Grove, overlooking Lake Banook.  As a registered participant in Friday’s EPIC Weekend opening event, the 6.1K, you’ll also receive pre-paid entry to Friday’s concert and premium viewing for the Official Pre-Canada Day Fireworks show that we will be hosting on Lake Banook.

Medal: EPIC@Night Firework Themed, 3 & 1/2″

Ribbon: Black with silver Canada150 pattern.


Saturday, July 1st

The Maple Leaf 10K:

We designed a ‘stained glass’ spinner medal (the center Canada150 logo spins 360 degrees), with translucent coloured panels for the logo.  The first picture shows the 10K medal illuminated from the front, while the second is also illuminated from the back, allowing you to see the coloured panels forming the Canada150 logo.  On the circular rim, that same Canada 150 pattern from the ribbons is repeated under a clear red enamel.

Medal: ‘Stained Glass’ Spinner, 3 & 1/2″ Round

Ribbon: Silver with white Canada150 pattern


‘The Canadian’ 5K:


Our most accessible event, ‘The Canadian’ 5K, is Saturday’s second race, the second portion of the EPIC ‘Double-in-a-Day’, and the run leading into the EPIC Canada Day Picnic at Grahams Grove – featuring live music, food, refreshment, and where again, participants in either the 10K or the 5K will receive pre-paid admission for the day.  The 5K medal is a heavy, 3 & 1/2 inch, enameled oval, featuring the full colour Canada150 logo, overlaid with a silver ‘150’.  Simple & bold, with clean lines.

Medal: Heavy Enameled Oval, 3 & 1/2″

Ribbon: Red with light red Canada 150 Pattern


Sunday, July 2nd:

The EPIC Quarter & Half Marathon:


This full 4″ diameter medal reflects the longer, more challenging aspects of the Half Marathon option.

Medal: 4″, multi-level, with cutouts for dramatic effect

Ribbon: Silver with dark silver Canada150 pattern


Finally, the “It’s Not Easy’ Medal:

Earned by those who complete two or more races over the weekend, this rugged, high-relief medal confirms for all: You didn’t take the Easy option – You chose to be EPIC!

Medal: 4″ high, with the Canada150 logo rising out of the EPIC image.

Ribbon: Red with darker red Canada150 pattern


See you on the Shores of Lake Banook this July!