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We are excited to share our 2018 EPIC Canadian party line up, medals and swag as soon as they are ready to be unveiled!

As the largest multi-run event in the east– we know the extras have to be spectacular, and need to be, well, EPIC. Each individual medal has to stand on it’s own, yet with many runners signing up for combinations of two, three, and four distances, the medals also need to work together, since those runners will receive three, four, or even five medals from this single weekend!

As well, this year, we are not only offering a party following our [email protected] event on Friday evening but we are adding another [email protected] party for Saturday on the Great Lawn at Lake Banook! Just another reason why our newly added EPIC Advantage is such a necessity (a review of the benefits may excite you)!

Come back frequently as we await the unveiling!

We love to share the excitement of our event and we also love to give things away! Keeping in the spirit of EPIC, we invite you to share it with friends and become an EPIC Ambassador!

Or participate as a member of our Terry Fox Team at one of the many events through the year. Take part in Terry’s Warm Up before the annual Terry Fox Run or commit by April 12th each year to the T143.

Having fun while giving back is the Canadian way– and the EPIC Canadian way!


Voting will begin shortly…check back in periodically!

Each year participants are led through the streets of Dartmouth by following the markers of EPIC Canadians and you have helped us realize who is EPIC in the eyes of our participants! This year is no different! Have your voice heard!

Remember to vote for our EPIC Canadians of 2018!