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So…. You’ve registered for the 2017 EPIC Canadian – Run for Canada….  Awesome.

This is the biggest Canada Day of all our lives, and we are SO excited to share it with you.

Now…, what’s YOUR plan?  Your TRAINING plan?…

Maybe this is your very first 5k, or maybe you are tackling the 3-Day, 4-Race, 42.2K, EPIC Marathon – the Bull Moose.  Either way, having (and sticking to!) a realistic training plan, greatly increases both your chances of success, AND your chances of really enjoying the weekend, both during and after!

We asked a friend of EPIC to help us out with some plans that could be ‘pulled off the shelf’, and used to assist our participants to a successful EPIC weekend.

Michael Gfeller is an Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP) who has recently moved back to the Maritimes with his wife to set roots here in Nova Scotia. He had completed his Master’s in Kinesiology (MKin) at the University of Calgary, where he was awarded unique opportunities to work with, and aid in the development of, high performance athletes. Being an avid runner and triathlete himself, he is passionate about taking what he’s learned and applying it to everyday athletes. With an emphasis on applied physiology and program periodization, he challenges his athletes to train harder and smarter.

If you want to know more about Michael, his website is here: http://www.trainharderandsmarter.com/

EPIC Canadian – 5K Plan: [gview file=”https://canadian.epicca.site/wp-content/uploads/EPIC-5K.pdf”]

EPIC Canadian – HALF Marathon Plan: [gview file=”https://canadian.epicca.site/wp-content/uploads/EPIC-HALF.pdf”]

EPIC Canadian – Bull Moose Plan: [gview file=”https://canadian.epicca.site/wp-content/uploads/EPIC-BULL-MOOSE.pdf”]

Use these plans as your framework, or create your own with help of knowledgeable friends, or exercise professionals, but either way – have a plan. Next work your plan, and then execute your plan with us on Canada Day Weekend!